Interaction Design
Politecnico di Milano
Gianluca Brugnoli
Franca Garzotto
Nicoletta Bruno
Jacopo Pompilii
   GetMi was one of the finalist at the Wired Hack the Expo contest.
   Listen to the RAI Radio1 Eta Beta interview about GetMi.

   Visit the landing page of the GetMi project.


GetMi is a service that let people move easily into the city of Milan, using public transports, car sharing or bike sharing. Users are able to save, and check, their favorite bus stops timetables and status, as well as they can book cars and bikes nearby. GetMi allow also to plan a trip from/to any destination in Milan, guiding the user step by step and suggesting the most suitable solution depending on his needs.

Booking a car
In this animation it is possible to see the steps the user will go through booking a car. The app allows to compare different car sharing services letting the user choose depending on his own needs (price, distance from his position or fuel level). Another innovative plug-in let user calculate an approssimative price for the trip. Once the reservation is finished the app will guide the user step by step in reaching the destination.

Car sharing scenario

Plan a trip
GetMi allows also to plan accuratly a trip with the public services. In the animation it is possible to see the process of planning a trip from a starting point to a destination: solutions can be easily compared and filtered by duration, walking distance and departure time.

Trip planning scenario