Contaminated worlds

Density Design
Politecnico di Milano
Paolo Ciuccarelli
Marco Fattore
Stefano Mandato
Donato Ricci
Salvatore Zingale
Matteo Azzi
Daniele Ciminieri
Michele Mauri
Azzurra Pini
Giorgio Uboldi

Contaminated worlds

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important greenhouse gas which is naturally in the atmosphere,and it’s enviromental effects are of particular interest. CO2 is a primary source of life on Earth since it’s a key element for the photosynthesize carbohydrate, but after the industrial revolution its concentration increased rapidly leading to global warming and to ocean acidification.

In these last years scientists and inventors have worked to find different and sustainable source of energy in order to improve the situation. But these efforts must be based on a solid and accurate knowledge of it. We’re nearly used to see images of polluted areas of the world (especially from China) where the smog concentration is so high that looks like fog. And when we hear that almost 30% of global emissions are due to China, it’s easy to (erroneously) think that the problem is limited to that area. On the other side we tend to look for role model, maybe looking in the wrong direction.

This visualization is meant to give a different perspective on this phenomenon, and a better awareness of the problem. What would happen if everyone on this planet polluted like a chinese? How will CO2 emissions change? Will it increase? How about Italians? Americans? Finnish?